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About us

The Bakala Academy aims to be an international center of excellence to stimulate innovation and education in sports performance and training, and to facilitate the transfer of up-to-date knowledge in sport sciences to exercise performance and training.


Our values

The Bakala Academy contributes to the promotion of fair-play in a doping-free sports environment, where each individual is stimulated to develop his or her physical fitness and performance level from a perspective of personal well-being and health improvement.


Our objectives

  • To develop as an international center of excellence in exercise training and sports performance;
  • To drive research in sports performance and training in interaction with an international network of experts in sports sciences;
  • To translate insights generated in the context of elite athletic training to the field of exercise performance and training in individuals participating in sports competitions for the purpose of health and physical fitness;
  • To play a leading role in the education of high-level experts in sports performance and exercise training;
  • To contribute to optimal talent detection and development in sports;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas between different sports disciplines;
  • To create a dynamic forum of interaction between different opinions in sport, business, and art, in order to stimulate in-depth debate of sports related issues.