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About us

Mr Zdenek Bakala

Mr. Zdenek Bakala is a Czech-born businessman, an investor and a philanthropist. Active in a range of fields across the world, his career started after he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College. You can see Zdenek Bakala’s full biography here.

He has developed a genuine passion for cycling."I enjoy getting on my bike and go cycling, I have been to a few cycling races and I found the atmosphere to be so electric" says Mr Bakala. "When I was a little boy I was watching Eddy Merckx winning all the races and breaking all the records, and I found it so inspiring."

The Bakala Academy will assist sportsmen in all areas. We will develop programs that are best suited for all athletes' well being. The athletes will receive the single best advice that is available in sports medicine. I expect the Academy to deliver services that are otherwise unavailable on that quality to the athletes. We will also create a strategic vision for sport development in international space, from which the athletes will benefit in various ways."