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About us

The ‘Bakala Academy – Athletic Performance Center’ is a research and testing center of excellence. It distinguishes as a world-class academy for research, innovation and education in sports. This project houses in The Athletic Performance Center on KU Leuven’s University Sport Centre campus, near the Faculty of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences (FaBeR).


The functions of the Bakala Academy are threefold. Our department ‘Research and Development’ is the core of the Academy and the place where all the innovations are being born. Our team works on developing innovative methods to enhance sport performance. The ‘Education’ Center will attract scholars with diverse backgrounds in the fields of sport and science. It will give a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge that will have a direct benefit to the sport development. At last, in our ‘Athletic Performance Center’ every athlete of each level will find the right advice for his/her personal purpose.