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Altitude Training & Acclimatization

Training in hypoxia can be used for multiple purposes. An athlete can use simulated hypoxia to enhance and accelerate the acclimatization process in preparation for competition at altitude. Another strategy for which hypoxia training can be used, is to improve performance at sea-level. Training with a decreased oxygen content in ambient air provides an extra training stimulus, thereby possibly improving sea-level performance.


When an athlete is injured, it is essential to start as soon as possible with alternative training methods to avoid substantial depression of the conditional status. In such situations, hypoxia training is an ideal strategy to maintain the cardiovascular condition. Cardiovascular load can then be elevated against the background of a low peripheral stress on muscles, joints and tendons. This allows athletes to resume normal training in an earlier stage of the rehabilitation process.


Bakala Academy has an ultramodern altitude chamber where an altitude between sea level (20.93% O2) and 6.500m (9.2% O2) can be simulated.

Cost price: € 50/hour (VAT included)

Cost price: € 50/hour (VAT included)

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