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Follow-up consultation

Train efficiently and perform better through healthy sports nutrition


Variation in your nutrition is essential to achieve your goals and important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this follow-up consultation we will have a look at the evolution of your eating pattern and we will continue finetuning your programme.


For whom?

This follow-up is for sportsmen who already came to us for a Body & Fit or Performance consult and need more finetuning in their nutrition or body composition.


This consult contains:

  • nutritional consultation (30-45 minutes)

    A finetuning of your nutrition adapted to your personal goalsetting. 

  • Aanalysis of your body composition (15 minutes) if needed

    DXA scan + skinfold measurement


After this consultation, you will receive:

  • A report of your current body composition
  • Practical and personal advice in the form of a report
  • A food guide with additional information on subjects that were discussed during the consultation

€ 45 (incl btw) / € 95(inclusief analyse lichaamssamenstelling + btw)

€ 45 (incl btw) / € 95(inclusief analyse lichaamssamenstelling + btw)

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