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Nutritional consultation - Performance

Train efficiently and perform better through healthy sports nutrition


A varied and balanced diet is crucial to perform well and to live healthy. What is the optimal amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you should eat? How can you boost the effects of the training on endurance and muscle strength via 'strategic' sports nutrition? During this diet consult, we carefully observe your current eating habits and lifestyle.


For whom?

 This consultation has been prepared for athletes who:
- Want to know their current body composition;
- Have competitive objectives:
- Wish personal advice to optimize their training and competition;
- Want to know what nutritional supplements can help to achieve their sporting and / or competitive objectives.


This consultation includes:


An analysis of your body composition (15 minutes)

- DXA scan + skinfold measurement


An extensive nutritional consultation (105 minutes)

- Part 1: Analysis of your current diet, lifestyle, sports, medical history and health and / or   body composition goals

- Part 2: Personalized advice



After this consultation, you will receive:

- A report of your current body composition;

- Practical and personal nutritional advice to optimize training adaptations (and body composition goals) in the form of a report;

- A food guide with additional information about:

1. The right food choice at home and before / during / after exercise, in the supermarket, and in a restaurant;
2. Specific nutritional for competitions;
3. Advice about dietary supplements and preparations.

Cost price: € 195 (analysis of the body composition and VAT included)

Cost price: € 195 (analysis of the body composition and VAT included)

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