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Isokinetic strength test

During modern races, the ability to deliver high power outputs for a short period of time is crucial. By example in a brake away, on climbs or in a final sprint. To evaluate functional power output in triathletes we developed an isokinetic ergometer whereby the cadence is controlled while the cyclist delivers power at free will.


During an isokinetic strength test a set of 6 short intermittent sprints (5 sec. interspersed with 2 min. recovery intervals) over the 40-140 rpm cadence range is used to determine the maximal power-cadence relation.

In a second part the athlete finishes 6 submaximal sets of 1 min. at a fixed power output and cadence to provide the athlete concrete feedback on pedaling technique and left-right disbalances.


Cost price: € 200 (VAT inclusive)

Cost price: € 200 (VAT inclusive)

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