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MX Endurance Test

This procedure involves testing of your conditional status as an MX-athlete, and is very useful in optimizing the endurance training sessions. Depending on the way of training, a treadmill or ergometer will be used for testing.

You perform an incremental exercise test. Throughout the test small blood samples are taken from the earlobe at 3-min. intervals for determination of blood lactate concentration. In the final stage of the test respiratory gases are collected and analyzed. 


After the test, there's a detailed discussion of the test results. We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and formulate specific and individual training advice (12-week training schedule). Afterwards, you will train with more comfort and with a higher efficiency both for your health and for your achievements!


Sports medical certificate


If you would like to do a pro endurance test, you must have a valid medical certificate or a sport competition license.


If you do not possess such a certificate or license, it is necessary to undergo a sports medical examination prior to the test. During the inspection, there will determined whether you can exercise safely. Afterwards you will receive a sports medical certificate which is valid within our organization for two years.


You can obtain this certificate at our sports doctor, who is present every Monday afternoon (13h00 -14h30) on Bakala Academy. The sports medical examination can then be scheduled before your pro endurance test (duration: 30 min - cost € 60).


Monday afternoon doesn't suit you? No problem! You can always make an appointment with a sports doctor in your area.


Please bring the certificate on the day of your appointment!

Cost price:


Endurance test + 12-week training program: € 150 (VAT inclusive)



Cost price:


Endurance test + 12-week training program: € 150 (VAT inclusive)



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