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Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit

This protocol measures the anaerobic capacity and buffer capacity of an athlete. The test is appropriate for competitive athletes in long sprint and mid-distance.


The test consists of 2 parts.


PART 1 is a submaximal exercise test with an incremental intensity. The athlete accomplishes 4 or 5 intervals of 4 min either at 10-11-12-13-14 km/h for women or at 12-13-14-15-16 km/h for men. During the test heart rate and oxygen uptake (VO2) is monitored continuously and at the end of each interval a capillary blood sample is collected from the earlobe to determine blood lactate. Subsequently an 8 min recovery run takes place at 7 km/h (women) or 8 km/h (men) followed by 15 min of passive recovery.


PART 2 is a maximal exercise test until exhaustion. After a short warming-up the athlete runs at a continuous running speed . The heart rate and oxygen uptake is monitored continuously. Before and after the test capillary blood samples are collected from the earlobe for the determination of blood lactate, blood bicarbonate and blood pH.

The test is followed by a detailed discussion of the results.



Cost price: € 200 (VAT included) 

Cost price: € 200 (VAT included) 

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