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Pro Endurance Test running (with training program*)

Make maximum progress with targeted training


Would you like to know how your running condition is? At Bakala Academy we can test this professionally.


You perform an incremental exercise test on a treadmill. The test start at a speed of 6,5 km/h, and is increased by 1,5 km/h per 8 min. until volitional maximum. Throughout the test small blood samples are taken from the earlobe at 4-min. intervals for determination of blood lactate concentration. In the final stage of the test respiratory gases are collected and analyzed. 


After the test, there's a detailed discussion of the test results. We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and formulate specific and individual training advice (12-week training schedule). Afterwards, you will train with more comfort and with a higher efficiency both for your health and for your achievements!


Sports medical certificate


If you would like to do a pro endurance test, you must have a valid medical certificate or a sport competition license.


If you do not possess such a certificate or license, it is necessary to undergo a sports medical examination prior to the test. During the inspection, there will determined whether you can exercise safely. Afterwards you will receive a sports medical certificate which is valid within our organization for two years.


You can obtain this certificate at our sports doctor, who is present every Monday afternoon (13h00 -14h30) on Bakala Academy. The sports medical examination can then be scheduled before your pro endurance test (duration: 30 min - cost € 60).


Monday afternoon doesn't suit you? No problem! You can always make an appointment with a sports doctor in your area.


Please bring the certificate on the day of your appointment!


*Not applicable to triathletes or athletes who are guided by a personal trainer.

Cost price:

Pro endurance test + 12-week training program: € 200 (VAT included)

Cost price:

Pro endurance test + 12-week training program: € 200 (VAT included)

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